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The Mineseeker Foundation is dedicated to seeking to help those people who have been affected by landmines, by rehabilitating the people and land to ensure that these communities have sustainable futures.  The Mineseeker Foundation in conjunction with it’s partner, Seeker Technologies has focussed on the detection, identification and removal of landmines using it’s new cutting edge airborne detection technology - MIR™.
The Foundation’s core driver and vision is to create a sustainable future for these people. We do not believe in ‘Aid for aid sake’, we know the right thing to do is to provide solutions that create trade and wealth. These basic building blocks of trade, education and health are the primary cornerstones to the empowerment of the people and their futures.
In 2001, The Mineseeker Foundation ( ), a not-for-profit organisation, was created to promote technology to speed up and make safer the work of humanitarian de-mining.  Patrons include founder patron Nelson Mandela (retired), Queen Noor of Jordan, Sir Richard Branson, Graca Machel. John Paul DeJoria, Lord Richard Attenborough and the actor Brad Pitt.  Mineseeker Foundation demonstrated a prototype mine mapping solution in Kosovo, using an airship and a Ground Penetrating Synthetic Aperture Radar system (GPSAR) developed by the British Ministry of Defence
We have now launched the ‘Aid Free Zones’ programme to help the communities affected by landmine and unexploded ordnance (UXO).

The ‘Aid Free Zone’s programme, takes the project much further. Once the mines have been identified and the removal process is under way, the land will then be released for agriculture and a Foster Management team will be installed to teach the communities to sow, grow and sell their own produce, empowering the people to, self help, the only way to solve the mine and famine problem, in the long term.
One of the first stages in the project is to rehabilitate those landmine survivors with prosthetic limbs and educational programmes so that they are equipped for their future.
The significance of this project has led Nelson Mandela, as the founding Patron of Mineseeker to make an impassioned plea to businesses and Captains of Industry to join, with him :
“World business leaders and statesmen to support a new technology that can hasten our quest to rid the world of landmines.”